Typespotting JFA

Ofer Lehr and Meir Sadan studied in Bezalel together, moved to Tel Aviv and always loved looking at old hand made signs. The idea was imported, like many others, from America - where each year the city hosting an annual type conference would hold a similar sleepier typographic treasure hunt. Out of love and appreciation to the ever diminishing wealth of typographic treasures in Tel Aviv, the two adapted the game to the Israeli temperament: shorter, faster and mainly - more competitive.
The games are open to everyone - young to adult, those with knowledge of art and design and those without a clue, those who know Tel Aviv by heart, but also for those who only know their way to the grocery store... You're all invited to rediscover your city.

Photo: Ariel Basor

Ofer Lehr, a graduate from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel, is an independent graphic designer involved in branding, web design and typography projects.

Meir Sadan, a graduate from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel, is a graphic designer involved in web design, typography and typeface design. He is creative director at feelternet, art director at reDesign magazine, an independent typographic consultant and a lecturer for type design at Minshar. Creator and manager of Oketz and Hafont.

Our dear assistants: Yurik Hartov, Yonatan Assouline, Timor Davara, Esti Murik, Ayala Efron.